A Deep Bond Becomes His Forever Gift

Chris Di Marco

Chris Di Marco

Because of the deep bond that developed between Chris Di Marco and MPTF while he was a Wasserman campus volunteer, he felt a strong sense of commitment and responsibility to take care of our own, and has named MPTF as a beneficiary in his will.

Chris, a longtime member of Local 399 and an industry member since 1983, had his first encounter with MPTF when he took a water-therapy class at the Saban Center for Health and Wellness. He felt the specially trained water therapists were thoughtful and caring and eager to help him regain his strength and endurance after some knee problems.

Because of his positive experience at Saban and hearing stories from a longtime colleague and friend about how MPTF helped him and his family, Chris wanted to give back. That's when he became a volunteer. Working in MPTF's mailroom, he loved delivering mail to the residents and hearing their amazing stories about Hollywood's early days. He listened intently and felt that his visit made their days a little brighter. Chris hopes that young industry members will visit MPTF and see firsthand what we do for everyone in the industry.

So whether you work in front of the camera or behind the scenes, everyone can make a meaningful gift to MPTF because every little bit helps and sets an example for others to follow. The industry is lucky to have MPTF to take care of our own and help industry members age well with dignity and purpose and help others in their time of need.

Over the years, MPTF has been the grateful recipient of legacy gifts to provide a safety net of social services, financial assistance and retirement services. Thank you, Chris.

Like Chris, you can make a difference with your legacy gift and help others in the industry in their time of need. To learn more contact Louie Anchondo at 818-876-1925 or louie.anchondo@mptf.com.